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Pretty Gross

Dec 22, 2017

It's our holiday extravaganza! Alyssa & Kayla talk about the traditional - and not so traditional - aspects of the holiday season, and what makes this a truly gross time of year. Links & pics below or at the Pretty Gross blog.


15 Fun Facts About Fruitcake

How Did the Fruitcake Become a National Joke

Dec 8, 2017

Alyssa & Kayla rant about ponies, bugs, and Ralph Garman. TW for animal abuse for this one (but don't worry - it's not what you think). Pics & links below. Enjoy!


Fluffy Ponies

Original fluffy pony

Fluffy pony vivisected

Fluffy pony poop comic

Most traumatizing fluffy pony comic

Fluffy pony informational link #1