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Pretty Gross

Mar 30, 2018

Lucky number 13! Alyssa and Kayla celebrate the joys of the human body, and read their first ever listener gross out story. Links & pics below!




HUMAN LEATHER on The Wayback Machine

Anthropodermic bibliopegy

Serial killer jacket by Kayla Arena & Toby Barron

Alexander McQueen skin line by Tina...

Mar 16, 2018

Pretty Gross has hit 500 downloads, so in honor of this milestone, Alyssa & Kayla each pick a disgusting topic of choice, and run us through it's Foul Five. Links & pics below!



Bombardier beetle link

Bombardier beetle pic

Army ants pic

Africanized bees pic

Japanese giant hornet video


Mar 2, 2018

It might've been a tough week, but Kayla and Alyssa pull out all the stops in Pretty Gross, episode 11. Kayla talks about a particularly penetrating subreddit, while Alyssa delves into one of the stranger ways some people soothe themselves to sleep. Links & pics below!