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Pretty Gross

Jan 19, 2018

Alyssa and Kayla answer the age old question in episode 8 - while also discussing the finer sides of human bodily secretions. Links & pics below!




Petition to save net neutrality

Lululemon lawsuit news



Period myth #1

Period myth #2

Period myth #3



Jan 5, 2018

It's the first Pretty Gross of 2018, and we're coming at you in a brand new way. Alyssa & Kayla discuss two gross topics - that had them fooled. Turns out, you can't trust everything you read on the internet, no matter how gross it is.

Links below!





Cerebral Incubation album cover

Dec 22, 2017

It's our holiday extravaganza! Alyssa & Kayla talk about the traditional - and not so traditional - aspects of the holiday season, and what makes this a truly gross time of year. Links & pics below or at the Pretty Gross blog.


15 Fun Facts About Fruitcake

How Did the Fruitcake Become a National Joke

Dec 8, 2017

Alyssa & Kayla rant about ponies, bugs, and Ralph Garman. TW for animal abuse for this one (but don't worry - it's not what you think). Pics & links below. Enjoy!


Fluffy Ponies

Original fluffy pony

Fluffy pony vivisected

Fluffy pony poop comic

Most traumatizing fluffy pony comic

Fluffy pony informational link #1

YAAASSS QUEENS - links & pics

Nov 25, 2017

Can't get enough of that Casu Marzu at your Thanksgiving dinner? Then feast your eyes on the below collection of pics featuring the maggot cheese in all its maggoty glory.



Want to share some toxic masculinity stories with your second cousin you only see once a year in November? Here's a collection of links to...