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Pretty Gross

Jul 6, 2018

Alyssa, Kayla, and a VERY special guest dig deep into the annals of internet history in their second "round table of gross" - this time, inspecting some of the classics that shaped our initial obsession with gross culture. Links & pics below!



Cake Farts - original video

Rachel Bloom's Cake Farts song

Know Your Meme

Wikipedia - Wet and Messy


Dan Savage

Refinery: 11 Foods You Should Add To Your Sex Life

Urban Dictionary

Psychology Today: Eproctophilia Explained

Refinery 29: 9 Surprisingly Delightful Photos Of A Sexual Fetish You Never Knew Existed

Sploshing as art


Original Blue Waffle image

Blue Waffle definition & debunking

Blue Waffle Urban Dictionary definition